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You likely know two huge priorities are facing all business owners and executives for 2021. Firstly, we must confront all the shortcomings of our Technology. Secondly, we can no longer ignore the significant gaps in our people force.

Dealing with all this has never been easy, and worse, the struggle is not anywhere near over.

2021 is the year we all take a deep breath and begin the process of 'building back better.'

Sadly, the skills we need the most right now have never been taught in school and can be tough to grapple with and find solutions. Worse, you are and will be bombarded by suppliers peddling just part of the solution. And unfortunately, as we both know, that might not be in the best interests of your business.

That is why we have created  The Bad Wolf Community.  

Why You Should Join Us

This Community is all about helping you find the right path to get the information you need. It allows you to make the best decisions for your business. It gives you confidence in the moves you need to make.  And it helps you measure the impact of those moves  – both before and after you do.

This Community is a safe place for similar-minded seekers to meet to experience some of the best ideas from the most significant global minds. It is a community where your questions get answered with real experience. And an environment you can buzz in and out or stay in – depending on your timetable and life.

Joining the Bad Wolf Community gives you access to a smorgasbord of delights.  First, there is a full library of topics from which you can choose. Next, videos and examples explain how some solutions might work for you. Then there is the whole Community of similar minded people with whom you can network,  get to know better and develop solid relationships. There are places for you to post your specific questions and ask for and receive advice. Plus, some people have done what you are thinking of to help you steer clear of the inevitable potholes.  And there are regular live calls to address your burning questions. 

How will this work?

On the Technology side. We believe technology must be AMAZING, doable, and understandable. We believe everyone (from your family members to your employees) are entitled to SAFETY (internet security/safety/ privacy) protocols which are a breeze to understand, are easily readable and keep all parties legally protected. That is why we are only bringing you easy to understand, fun and highly effective solutions.

We are concentrating on easy ways to protect your tech investment, ways to understand the latest in cyber-legislations and ways to help you adapt your department, division or company (and yes even your family) as well as ways to help you enlist your entire workforce to be onside with your efforts. We'll tell you what kind of vendor to search for depending on the point you are with your business cycle. We can recommend which companies or directions into which you likely want to lean. And if you like, we'll even arrange an introduction with them for you.

On the People side. We believe all leaders and managers are in the people business, that putting people first, (second only to profit) is the most effective way of doing business, and good businesses operate to make an impact for everyone, not just the owners and shareholders.

We'll show you ideas and products and services very few typical HR people are exposed to. For example, we have lined up easy ways to help you determine a return on investment both before and after implementation, how to get the most out of your team, help you recruit the best candidates, help you focus on the specific resources your business needs going forward and help you get your team to the 'engaged, empowered and motivated' stage.

Because we all know there is no perfect solution, we give you guideposts only. A guidepost is simply a guide. As an example, in our experience, every successful business has a technology strategy.  (That is a guidepost.)  How you develop a strategy or where that strategy comes from is unique to you.  It matters not what path you take to get that strategy.  What matters most is that you have one.  And we will show you a few different ways to develop it.

What's the Offer?

Quite honestly, we are not sure where to peg the value. We know it will be INVALUABLE. And we also know we must earn your trust and respect. So we have pegged the initial price at $500US. For twelve months! That works out to way less than two bucks a day!

Imagine the comfort, the brilliance and the connectedness of being with a whole tribe of seekers just like you. Imagine the awesomeness of genuinely connecting with your global counterparts.  Imagine the pride you will get by rising with others, by bolstering one another, and by sharing the joy and pain points of similar experiences. 

For just $500US. For an entire year. That's a meagre investment for a whole lotta brilliance all geared to support you and your Technology AND People issues. And here's the best part.  We let your test drive the community for seven days. And you get to choose if you want to pay monthly or annually.  (Yeah, we get these are strange times and want to make it super easy for you to join us.)

We know the Bad Wolf Community concept is likely an entirely different way for you to get the information and wisdom you need for 2021. We also know we have a lifetime of delivering far more than what we promise.  A sneak peek at what's on tap is right here. We would be honoured to have you join us.   We are excited about all the possibilities the Bad Wolf Community will provide.  And we would love for you to be a part of it.

Who's Behind This?

Two blondes.  Kim Scofield and Charlene Norman.

Kim is the one with energy in spades. She sees and thinks in ways that are very different from most everyone else. To her, possibilities are infinite; conclusions are just the beginning, and disparate ideas can co-exist easily.

She has a BSc in Computer Science and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Linguists. What that means is she loves to geek out in the tech world, has a passion for machine language, AI and blockchain. It also means she can see the connections between tech and the human brain and instantly fathom the processes to fit adult learning. Her experience base straddles academia, corporate and non-profit. Kim jumped into the venture capital world to better support those tech companies wanting to make substantial positive global impacts.

Charlene is the strategizer and plots the path. Her entire adult life, she has pled to having just three skills. She sees all the possible roads up the mountain, she chooses the best road to get up the mountain, and she digs in with the team to make the trek successful.

She has what can best be described as a 360-degree view of business. Trained first as a Chartered Professional Accountant, then nabbing an MBA in marketing, she found her true bliss in operations. Having played Grand Poobah in companies ranging from $10 million to $1 billion in revenues, she has global and national experience in both private and public organizations. Charlene swears she has never met a problem that could not be solved.

Both of us believe our most valuable possession is our word. As a result, honesty, integrity and over-performing are baked into our DNA. Our vision is to inspire more than 1,000,000 entrepreneurs and business owners.

Are you ready to howl with us?

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